I was inspired by Dr. Travis Bradberry’s post on increasing productivity by never touching things twice, and wanted to add my own tip to the #ProductivityHacks pool.

I like to keep myself focused during my workday by taking the most important tasks for the day, and dedicating blocks of time to getting them done. Simple.

To Dr. Bradberry’s point of avoiding multitasking, dedicated blocks of time keep me focused on one task until it’s completion, instead of jumping around from task to task, and not accomplishing as much at the end of the day.

Attacking my to-do list this way also forces me to look at my day more realistically. On days when I wake up feeling like I can take over the world, laying out timeboxes tells me what I can really get done in a day, which is helpful when working as part of a team or setting expectations. On days when I feel like nothing is going to get done, I’m reminded to pick out the important things and take my day one step at a time, resulting in a more fruitful day.

Can’t finish without re-sharing this quote:

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

William Penn

Have a productive day!

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